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Business Case: Support for Hadoop problems

Hadoop support: long-term and in emergencies

Hadoop is a popular framework for big data computing requirements. Any outage can severely limit an organization's workload and processes. We help - whether continuously for years or as an IT fire brigade in a special emergency situation, as our sample cases show.

© René Mentschke, Police Blue LightLicence CC BY 2.0

A client alerted us with acute Hadoop problems. We helped in the shortest possible time - the fact that we didn't know the company and its IT infrastructure until then was no problem.

Project requirements/tasks

Two cases, two problems, two different starting points: As a bio-pharmaceutical company, a client has a large research department whose scientists have to store and retrieve a lot of data - and they have to do so without interruption over a long period of time. Another client is in the publishing business and notices a technical problem during the important Christmas business. Both use Hadoop Cluster, a framework for processing enormous amounts of data. We have succeeded in guaranteeing smooth research for the scientists in the pharmaceutical company in a long-term cooperation; in the case of our publishing client we have provided immediate help in the event of a technical emergency.

This is our contribution

We did not know the publishing company, which shortly before Christmas lacked customer data for targeted marketing. So the training time required after the call for help was minimal. We joined forces in brainstorming conferences to check the system for possible sources of error and were able to discover the faulty configuration after only two days through structured checking - remotely and remotely.

Our support for the second customer from the pharmaceutical sector is completely different: here we have a specialist on site and are always ready to answer minor and major Hadoop questions. Our contact person helped develop the Hadoop server landscape and ensures its continuous availability. He also supports the implementation of new use cases. Whether for ad-hoc enquiries or in continuous cooperation: we know how Hadoop works and know where to look for sources of error. So that even with large amounts of data our clients' work is made easy.

© Yuko Honda, Today's latte, Hadoop.Licence CC BY 2.0

Relax and enjoy Hadoop, even if there are questions in everyday life - Kybeidos helps.

The project at a glance

Project title:

  • Hadoop support in various industries


  • Life Sience

  • Publishing

Our contribution:

  • Design of the Hadoop infrastructure and guarantee of regular operation

  • Emergency assistance in case of problems with the network configuration


  • Hadoop-Cluster

  • Linux