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The right choice and application

Technologies for Big Data & Analytics are becoming more and more powerful, solution approaches and architectures are evolving. With our know-how, we actively support you with your requirements and questions.

Open Source for Big Data

Whether Python, Hadoop or Spark - Open Source in the Big Data environment is enterprise-ready! We support our customers in evaluation, installation, development, operation and maintenance.

Advanced Analytics & BI

Im Bereich der Advanced Analytics und BI gibt es verschiedene Verfahren und Methoden, die wir optimal für Ihre Ziele einsetzen.

SAS platform and programming

From programming to the click interface - we have the whole range of SAS know-how in our pool. For over 20 years, the core technology has been the focus of our work.

Cloud services and infrastructure

A cloud provides services and computing power at the scale that is currently needed - scalable to any size. This keeps processes running, saves costs and enables complex calculations in data science projects.

Natural Language Processing

If you want to gain valuable insights for your company, you have another useful data source in addition to figures: texts and language...