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Financial risk management, modeling and analytics

Professional management of risks with mathematical modeling and data analysis

Financial service providers must consider many risks when planning their own processes as well as customer transactions: Credit risk, market risk, operational risk, liquidity risk ....

But how is risk management changing with so much data and models available? How can companies use business analytics for risk management? Which model fits which data?

Kybeidos supports you in identifying risks, anomalies and opportunities in your data and processes so that you can react to them in a targeted manner.

As every company seeks to achieve the strategic goals of its stakeholders, it is important to remember that shareholders, customers, and business partners have different goals in mind and expect different risk behaviors from company leaders. The core function of risk management is to identify, measure and monitor risks in order to balance the desires of all stakeholders.

Fortunately, this goal is readily achievable based on diverse data, fruitful models, and increasingly powerful tools. The prerequisite is a coordinated interaction between risk experts and data scientists to use the right set of models and tools.

With our expertise in financial risk and data science, we can help you to better manage your risks. From quantitative modeling to risk analytics, use of natural language processing methods, from tools like SAS and MATLAB to open source like Python.

Given the fast pace of science, technology and regulations, it's not always easy for risk managers to keep up with new trends. There are always new risk models and techniques, regulations are constantly changing, and the continuous flow of big data requires new models of data analysis. Kybeidos has deep expertise in financial risk management. Our experts work hand-in-hand with the Data Science, Business Analytics team, Data Management & Security, and Cloud teams. We continuously train our experts.

Our consultants bring different perspectives to the table and are happy to assist you with your requirements.

Regulations on the market

Basel III, MaRisk, ICAAP/ ILAAP … The regulations of the markets are complex. We have the expertise to technically implement international standards as well

Tip: Identify risks more easily thanks to AI/NLP-services for risk management

Are you able to identify risks and assign them to the relevant controls on a daily basis? Do you already use automated services to save time and money and keep the risk database complete and up-to-date?

Webinars on 15.10.2020 & 19.11.2020

Thanks to the targeted analysis with Natural Language Processing of data sources, it is possible for us to offer the risk managers meaningful help in a standardized way and to adapt it for you as required.

You have come to the right place if you ...

  • Seeking expertise in financial risk management.

  • N
  • Want to use data science and analytics to manage your risks.

  • N
  • Need to develop mathematical, statistical, or machine learning models based on your data for risk management.

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  • Have a lot of number-, text- and language-based processes and data and want to use them for risk management.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Stephan Frenzel

Geschäftsführer und Lead Consultant

+49 6221 / 61 60 50

Er studierte Architektur und Philosophie und lernte SAS am Uni-Rechenzentrum Heidelberg. Sein Studium finanzierte er mit einem IT-Job bei einer jungen Heidelberger IT-Beratung. Nach einigen Jahren übernahm er dort die Verantwortung für mehrere Kunden im Finanzsektor. Dann bekam er das Angebot, den Geschäftsbereich in ein eigenes Unternehmen auszugliedern – der Startpunkt von Kybeidos. An seiner Arbeit schätzt er vor allem eins: am Ende des Tages direkt Feedback vom Kunden zu bekommen. Und zu sehen, dass man tatsächlich Business-Value und einen Mehrwert schafft.

Dr. Markus Pernpointner

Teamleiter & Lead Consultant
Team Data Science

+49 6221 / 61 60 50

Er kümmert sich unter anderem um die Algorithmik und den Kern von NLP. Als Teil des Implementierungsteams der VDPP-Plattform hat er gemeinsam mit seinen Kollegen die Aufgabe, die Methoden und Ziele technisch umzusetzen, neue Methoden zu erschließen und in die Plattform zu implementieren.