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Big Data & Data Science

Your data: from Big to Smart

Whether transfer, analytics or reporting - we give your data structure and guide it to smart analyses. With our expertise in data science and data engineering, we develop solutions that integrate into your existing business processes.

New technologies make it possible: the systematic collection of large amounts of data - from transaction and behavioral data to key business figures and click streams. But as the volume of data continues to grow, infrastructures are reaching their limits. 

This is exactly where our consulting services come in. We know old and new worlds, from the mainframe to the cloud, we have an overview of the market and master the tools. Whether it is a matter of evaluating existing or new technologies, cleansing data and migrating it to modern environments or evaluating large volumes of data - we are your reliable partner!

In our teams, data engineers and data scientists work with expertise in business, mathematics, computer science, physics, medicine and chemistry. We draw on a wealth of experience in analytics development, for example with Python or R, analytics platforms such as Hadoop (Cloudera, Databricks) or SAS and cloud technologies such as Azure, Google and Amazon. What's more, we quickly familiarize ourselves with new topics and technologies because we have already successfully completed many big data projects in a wide range of industries - such as insurance and retail, pharmaceuticals and logistics, and finance.

Do you already know our VDPP platform? With this platform we can support Data Science departments very well in the implementation of PoC and specific NLP-UseCases.

„Fun Fact“:  We are reaching for the stars: A project in physics shows that we can also think big: Within the framework of an astronomical study, a colleague collected, processed and analysed position data of individual stars from the whole galaxy.

You've come to the right place if you...

  • want to outsource data to a cloud and process it there.

  • N
  • operate data quality, want to clean up data.

  • N
  • Evaluate replacement of cost-intensive licensed products.

  • N
  • want to switch legacy systems to modern and/or open source technologies

  • N
  • want advice on quality assurance and automation tools.

  • N
  • nach Lösungen im Bereich Analytics suchen.

  • N
  • want to ensure a continuous flow of data from a data source into your database.

  • N
  • want to implement continuous integration approaches to quality assurance

You want to know more? We look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Markus Pernpointner

Team Leader and Lead Consultant
Team Data Science

+49 6221 / 61 60 50

Among other things, he takes care of the algorithms and the core of NLP. As part of the implementation team of the VDPP platform, he and his colleagues have the task of technically implementing the methods and goals, developing new methods and implementing them in the platform.

Martin Haffner

Lead Consultant Cloud
Team Cloud & IoT

+49 6221 / 61 60 50

The studied medical computer scientist has been dealing with the topic of data analysis for decades. He has worked with customers from all sectors, most recently increasingly in the life science and retail sectors. At Kybeidos, he is an expert in Big Data and Analytics. Beyond work, he leads a gospel choir and is an expert in board games.