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Supporting compliance requirements with NLP

Better management of governance, risk and compliance

Our speech analytics methods allow you to take a complete look at the documentation of your systems and processes as well as the communication in your company.

Importance of compliance

The St.Gallen Management Model shows very clearly that a company is confronted with compliance issues at all levels - whether at the normative, strategic or operational level.

Our AI solution provides managers and departments with a permanent, real-time check on your focal points. Mitigate your risks now, meet availability and compliance requirements, and significantly reduce your efforts and costs.

Our GRC solution provides additional AI-based metrics for your risk models that help you meet increasing GRC management requirements - today and into the future.

Dr. Omid Momen, Kybeidos, Senior Consultant for Governance, Risk and Compliance

Speech analytics: Natural Language Processing

Kybeidos' AI services use NLP methods to evaluate your texts from different sources and formats according to your criteria in a targeted, structured and automated manner. As a result, correlations, risks, opportunities and trends are identified. These findings are used specifically to optimize processes or decisions. Multilingualism is no obstacle for us.


  • Sources: DMS (Sharepoint ...), Inter-/Intranet, Chat, Mail, Telephony, Specialist systems ...
  • Formats: Voice, Pdf, Excel, Email ...
  • Languages: German, English ...

Benefits for the departments

Your advantages:

  • Reduce processing time by approx 90%
  • Reduce costs by approx 80
  • Reduce risks by approx 20
  • Increase accuracy by approx 25
  • Increase consistency by approx 50
  • Provision of real-time reports 

Through automatic detection of:

  • Risks
  • Anomalies
  • Future commitments
  • Renewal and expiration dates

* Percentages: Study EY

Supported regulators

We have tested our solution for the following regulations and codes as examples:


German Public Governance Model Code



Guide to climate-related and ecological risks



Sustainable Development Goals



New Urban Agenda of the Unitied Nations


The solution of Kybeidos

  • Lean AI services "made in Germany
  • Applicable to any text-, language- and
    and image-based processes and documents
  • Can be integrated into your environment
  • Development partnership possible
  • Flexible for individual UseCases
  • Use case can be quickly tested for your
    company testable
    (no experimental projects)
  • Proof of technical feasibility
  • utomated detection of risks / violations
    greater than 90%
  • Uniform, structured, permanent
  • Basis for process and
    risk analyses and reports
  • Immediately identify risks, comprehensively
    reduce manual efforts comprehensively

Easy Start - Offer


  • ca 1,5 days (depending on the topic and participants)


  • Identify concrete needs
  • Describe use case and benefits
  • Define content, structure and procedure


  • Clarification of requirements, definition of responsible persons and involved contact persons


  • ca 15 days, depending on use case and desired customizations (environment, NLP services, reports)
  • development partnership possible


  • Make Kybeidos' VDPP PoC environment flexible to use and integrate for the selected use case
  • Have standardized NLP services
  • Create first standardized reports


  • Solution for selected Use Case successfully applicable



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