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Tried and tested and application-oriented

Scalable, state-of-the-art and powerful solutions for your business. Get to know our solutions in a demo appointment.

Versatile Document Processing Platform (VDPP)

The VDPP platform is a multi-talent: It is the basis for analytics in all our NLP projects. The special thing: It is industry-neutral and open in many respects - open, for example, for the addition of new services and for integration into new front-ends.

Input management with NLP methods

Better customer care and target-group-specific advertising of new products - input management with NLP methods brings marketing and sales great cost and time advantages.

Knowledge management with NLP methods

Over the course of time, an enormous document pool has accumulated in research centres and company archives. With our NLP methods you make this treasure of knowledge accessible and supplement it with information from the Internet.

Industrie 4.0 / BaSys 4.2

Companies that want to be ready for industry 4.0 can count on our expertise: We support you with AI methods and intelligently integrate the knowledge of your employees and the diverse machine data into your processes - for an optimal production flow.

Audit & compliance analysis with NLP methods

Every company must meet compliance requirements and legal regulations in order to bring its products to market in a legally compliant manner. Our NLP expertise helps you to automatically and efficiently align text documents with compliance and auditing requirements.

Analysis and modernisation of your SAS infrastructure

When it comes to Business Intelligence, companies have been relying on the software of the global market leader SAS for decades. But many do not exploit their full potential or take high risks due to a lack of transparency in migration projects. Our process analysis tool Yalan creates the necessary transparency and supports the smooth migration of the SAS infrastructure.