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Our customers and development partners include large and medium-sized companies from all sectors! We are happy to support you as a reliable and competent partner.

Business Case: SALTED

SALTED integrates and links heterogeneous data sources such as the Internet of Things (IoT), open municipal and central European data portals, websites, and social media, generating enriched metadata and supporting data contextualization. AI techniques prepare the data to enable situational awareness as well as support innovative services.

Industrie 4.0: Akzent4BaSys funding project

Man and machine speak one language - this could soon be reality at GS Kunststofftechnik. If there is a disruption in production, our NLP technology analyses the spoken and written word of the plant employees and automatically provides solutions.

Business Case: Optimization of a consumer platform for streaming content

Whether it's a thriller, country music or a non-fiction audio book, a whole new streaming experience will soon be waiting for the users of our customer - a large media house. Because thanks to KYBEIDOS' many years of data science experience, we were able to support our customer in giving their users easy access to content tailored to their preferences and tastes. This promotes customer loyalty! The special feature: Numerous innovative AI methods and technologies were used to develop the optimal system.

Business Case: Optimization of product positioning

A mail order company has over 30,000 articles in its assortment. But not all of them sell equally well in all weathers. Should rain jackets or swimming trunks be prominently placed in the online shop? The integration of weather data helps!

Business Case: E-Commerce Company Weltbild Goes Hyperscaler

What began with a maintenance and support deployment in the area of Hadoop led to a partnership and close collaboration with Weltbild GmbH & Co KG, one of the largest e-commerce retailers in the DACH region. In addition, the vendor support for the existing system expired and the company decided on the future project "data migration to a new, modern cloud infrastructure"...

Tracktor - intelligente Softwarelösungen Kybeidos © pfatterüberalles(@flickr),Traktor, Lizenz CC BY 2.0

Business Case: Digital tool for the agricultural industry

Hundreds of pesticides, fertilizers and requirements: Modern agriculture is a complex system. Using chemical products in an environmentally friendly and effective way - depending on the size of the field, the product and the weather - is no easy task. What if there was an app for it? The AI offers support.

Business Case: Customer Journey

Anyone who visits online shops gives an indication of his or her buying intention by means of his or her clicking behaviour: Does the user have something specific in mind and does he or she definitely want to spend money? Or does he just browse and possibly leave the website without buying? An analysis of the click behaviour can increase sales figures.

Business Case: Platform Modernization with YALAN

Insurance providers thrive on their reputation for reliability. But if they continually rely on software solutions and platforms that are decades old, this can be a problem. We help with the conversion.

Data Lake  © Marco Verch, Drohnenfoto: Marina und Northerly Island, Lizenz CC BY 2.0

Business Case: Data Lake for a chemical company

If countless data are stored in different places, the overview is quickly lost. And their usability. A chemical company has changed all that and commissioned us with the architecture of a Data Lake. The result is a central data storage location for optimal internal collaboration and evaluationData analysis.

Business Case: Compliance in the financial sector

The banking industry must always meet necessary regulatory requirements. One of Germany's largest banking institutions has used our SAS expertise to bring its reports to the Bundesbank up to scratch. But we are not only in demand for this.

Business Case: All-round view of Big Data issues

Our customer is a large industrial group with massive data volumes. As this is getting bigger and bigger in times of Industry 4.0 and countless sensor data, we are working on a robust local server solution. In the center: an app for data transfer.

Business case: NLP support for audits, compliance & governance

Before software vendors are allowed to bring products to market, they must meet internal compliance and legal requirements. Thanks to our NLP expertise, our customer was able to establish an automated and efficient reconciliation of their documents to compliance and auditing requirements.

Business Case: Detect fraudulent bank transactions

A banking company processes thousands and thousands of transactions every week. Even with a very small fraud rate, a large loss can occur. Our customer has to fish out the conspicuous ones from the immense amounts of data - a case for our data engineers.

Business Case: Support for Hadoop problems

Hadoop is a popular framework for big data computing requirements. Any outage can severely limit an organization's workload and processes. We help - whether continuously for years or as an IT fire brigade in a special emergency situation, as our sample cases show.

Business Case: Big Data-Plattform for e-Commerce-Business

A German trading company decided to use the promising future technology Hadoop as a central platform for data processing and analysis.

Business Case: Big Data Management for comparison portal

The website "billiger.de" is one of the largest and most clicked online price comparison portals in Germany - and chose the promising future technology Hadoop as its platform.

Business Case: Countering Particulate Matter with Analytics

Imagine sensors in the road surface assessing the weather situation or identifying rescue vehicles and adjusting speed limits in advance. The goal: fewer traffic jams, fewer accidents. Dreams of the future? Not at all.

Business Case: Live analyses of aircraft sensor data

Innovative Internet and sensor technologies permanently generate real-time data that can be integrated in operational and strategic control processes. Our Use Case shows you what is possible, for example, in the live analysis of aircraft sensor data.

Business Case: Data provision for AI forecasts

An AI company equips the retail trade with analytical data on storage capacity and demand forecasts. The large amounts of data are a valuable by-product - but only if someone cleanses it, improves it and makes it available for analysis. This is where we come in.

Business Case: Data Management at Ikano Bank

Ikano Bank AB is a Swedish bank, owned by the family of IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad. In Germany, Ikano Bank has been offering financial products for over 20 years and cooperates with many international companies. As a long-standing partner, we support our contacts in many ways - in business analysis, data management or reporting.