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Business Case: Compliance in the financial sector

Transparent reports of suspected cases of fraud and fraud

The banking industry must always meet necessary regulatory requirements. One of Germany's largest banking institutions has used our SAS expertise to bring its reports to the Bundesbank up to scratch. But we are not only in demand for this.

© Bankenverband, Fotograph Jochen Zick: SEPA ÜberweisungLicence CC BY 2.0

With billions of financial transactions, the risk of incorrect or corrupt payments must be kept in mind. Our data analysis and reports provide the necessary transparency and enable us to identify incorrect transactions.

Project requirements/tasks

A financial institution that we have been supporting in various roles for over twenty years is required to submit fraud statistics to the Bundesbank as part of a regulatory review. And this in a form in which suspected cases have already been selected and reported. If these requirements are disregarded, severe fines must be expected. Therefore, the project's task was to evaluate payment transaction requests and create clear reports from them - for different payment methods such as bank transfer or direct debit. For the technical evaluation and submission of the report to the Bundesbank, an expert SAS analysis and preparation is therefore necessary.

This is our contribution

Due to the long and good cooperation over many years, the bank turned to us for this in a spirit of trust. However, our valued commitment does not end with the compilation of data in clear reports for the fraud statistics. We have already supported the bank in many different departments, including the administration of data warehouses and the improvement and support of a reporting system for private customers. Regular training courses on new systems such as SAS Viya and workshops round off the cooperation.

With us, the customer has a reliable partner at his side: we accompany him through ever-changing technological times and support him in the areas of business analysis, business intelligence, machine learning, engineering, hosting and operation. The thanks: complete trust in our work and in what we can do.  


Competent, fast and uncomplicated. Simply the best.

Project Manager, client side / finance

The project at a glance

Project title:

  • Transparent reports in the financial sector


  • Finance


  • Client cooperation since 1996

Our contribution:

  • Consulting
  • Project analysis with evaluation of old reports
  • Data collection and data aggregation
  • Creation of reports
  • Data analysis
  • Operating
  • Tool evaluation in the context of PoC
  • Trainings / Coachings


  • SAS
  • Unix
  • Python
  • Hadoop
  • Hive
  • Java