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Together to the SAS IoT Forum

21 Feb 2017 in Munich

Do you already have IoT ideas or are you already in the initial phase? In both cases we will be happy to support you with tips and specialists. We also recommend events specializing in IoT, such as the SAS IoT Forum on 21 Feb 2017 in Munich. Take the opportunity! Interesting presentations, demos and networking opportunities are waiting for you.

KYBEIDOS will be on site with its SAS and Hadoop experts and will be happy to answer your questions. Contact for voting: anfrage@kybeidos.de

SAS IoT Forum 2017

Industry 4.0, Insurance 4.0, Connected Cars, Smart Factory, Smart Grids, Smart Homes, Smart Cities, Smart Banking, Smart ... Hardly any economic sector remains unaffected by the Internet of Things (IoT). However, all approaches have one thing in common: In order to meet the high expectations, the data produced must be analysed and converted into operational knowledge.

Analytics systems play the key role here. The technological and organizational course must be set for this. New data sources have to be developed, suitable models have to be built, analyses have to be carried out in the data stream - and all this has to be brought into line with the existing infrastructure. Since IoT blurs the boundaries between industries and departments, analytics must also be made easier and accessible to new user groups.

This is a good time to look beyond the horizon and exchange ideas with IoT pioneers and executives. Learn first-hand how to make your Analytics infrastructure IoT-ready:

  • How can data be collected and analyzed "in-stream"?
  • What do topics like machine learning or artificial intelligence mean for existing analytics environments?
  • How do you make analytics easier and more accessible for cross-departmental collaboration?
  • How can old and new data worlds be combined and insights gained faster?
  • How can Hadoop and high performance analytics technologies be optimally integrated?

For agenda and travel information please visit the SAS Event-website.