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Business Case: Situation-Aware Linked heTerogeneous Enriched Data (SALTED)

Generating added value from public data and streams with AI

The funded European collaborative project SALTED aims to add value to existing public datasets and data streams by enriching them through the application of linked data, semantics and artificial intelligence (AI) principles.

Project requirements

The project will integrate and link heterogeneous data sources such as the Internet of Things (IoT), open municipal and central European data portals, websites, and social media so that enriched metadata and contextualization of the data can be generated around these data sources. In addition, AI techniques from Kybeidos are applied to the linked data to create what is known as situational awareness.

SALTED Architecture


The intended end result is the reuse and harmonization of existing data sources to create contextualized digital representations (digital twins) of real-world situations (i.e., events, places, objects, etc.) that not only provide an enhanced understanding of the situation in real-time, but also allow for the prediction of anomalies and/or optimization actions.

The results of the data enrichment will be provided as open, public, real-time data using the FIWARE Generic Enabler Scorpio Context Broker, which will be available as a service (i.e., Linked-Data as a Service - LDaaS), ensuring full compatibility with the NGSI-LD API. In addition, the enriched data will be published on the European Data Portal, for which a Linked Data connector will be developed. The enriched data will support the development of innovative services in different areas, such as smart cities and smart agriculture.

SALTED will follow the principles of reusable atomic services. In addition, a set of business services for the sample areas will demonstrate the value of this approach. As a result, SALTED will help promote data use and accelerate the data economy in Europe.

That is our contribution

  • Development of highly scalable big data infrastructures
  • Use of analysis methods based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, especially in the area of natural language processing.
  • Use of the Kybeidos Smart Data Platform VDPP, own AI services as well as specialized web crawler.
  • Connection of atomic services.
  • Support for semantization or enrichment of data.
  • Attracting new user groups for sustainable use of the targeted SALTED infrastructure.
  • Development of situational smart-city applications.

Our project partners

  • Has extensive experience in the design and implementation of projects around IoT and context management. One example is the coordination of SmartSantander, a city-wide research project to study testing architectures, key technologies, services and applications for IoT to be studied in the context of a city, whose data will feed into SALTED, among others.
  • Other involvement or leadership roles in European projects developing smart city solutions (OrganiCity, SynchroniCity, SmartSantander, FIESTA-IoT) and previous work with FIWARE and YODA bring significant experience and knowledge to the SALTED project.
  • Universidad de Cantabria assumes the role of project coordination within SALTED.

Link to website

  • The focus is on the integration of IT and network technologies.
  • NEC Laboratories Europe conducts research and development in Europe in the areas of IT and communications, including Cloud and Big Data, IoT, situational awareness and AI technologies.
  • NEC has long experience with European projects, particularly IoT and smart cities projects such as SynchroniCity, AutoPilot and CEF's ODALA project.
  • NEC was one of the original partners of the FIWARE project and is a key partner in defining the original NGSI protocol and the NGSI-LD standard.
  • NEC supports the project steps in terms of data linking and modeling.

Link to website

  • Has an extensive background in the development of AI-based applications and services. This includes the creation and maintenance of relevant datasets in various application domains, the application of ML techniques to predict and verify patterns and results, the identification of appropriate methods to minimize errors or to exploit potentials in specific situations and contexts (situation awareness).
  • Institute Mines-Telecom will significantly drive the project steps in the areas of data semantization or enrichment.

Link to website

  • Owner of the DronGo solution, which is capable of automating drone flights with 3D mapping.
  • Amper also leads Project Agatha, a privately funded R. u. E. initiative that aims to study, analyze and correlate various types of standard information (including weather, pollution, granular social and economic parameters) with historical crime events. The databases used for this information are public and come from a variety of sources. The qualified and automatically extracted information can also contribute to SALTED. As a result, Amper is increasingly involved in the development of situational smart-agriculture applications, among others.

Link to website

The project at a glance

Project Title:

  • Situation-Aware Linked heTerogeneous Enriched Data (SALTED)


  • Public

Project Partners:

  • Universidad de Cantabria
  • NEC Corporation
  • Institute Mines-Telecom
  • Grupo Amper


  • SALTED is co-funded by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union under action number 2020-EU-IA-0274.

Our contribution:

  • Building highly scalable IT infrastructures.
  • Analysis methods with artificial intelligence  
  • Semantization and enrichment of data
  • User groups for SALTED infrastructure  
  • Situational smart-city applications


  • Kybeidos Webcrawler
  • Kybeidos NLP-Engine
  • Open Source
  • FIWARE Scorpio Broker
  • NGSI-LD Information Model & API


  • Dec 2021- June 2023