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Business case: NLP support for audits, compliance & governance

Checking legal certainty by means of intelligent text analysis

Before software vendors are allowed to bring products to market, they must meet internal compliance and legal requirements. Thanks to our NLP expertise, our customer was able to establish an automated and efficient reconciliation of their documents to compliance and auditing requirements.

© Marco Verch: Man filling out Audit Checklist on clipboardLicence CC BY 2.0

Thought of everything? A software producer must constantly review its compliance and governance.

Project requirements and tasks

Whether it's new requirements in terms of data protection, encryption or server setup - a manufacturer in the software sector must ensure that current legal and internal requirements are integrated into its workflows. Only if he successfully passes external audit procedures can he bring his products to market. The challenge: Large quantities of text must be compared with each other and the degree of coverage between the formulated requirements and measures must be checked - and this must be done continuously.

This is our contribution

With our tool from Natural Language Processing (NLP), the customer can automatically compare the compliance and legal texts with the formulations in internal process descriptions. This is valuable preparatory work for the compliance department, as the customer can find out automatically whether the desired matches exist at word level. Semantic analysis using embeddings and neural networks is also possible, whereby precision can be further increased if ontologies are used.

A further benefit: If specifications change, the customer remains capable of acting. Because with our NLP solution, he knows at all times whether his own guidelines meet the requirements. This saves time and resources. The business case is relevant across all industries for all fields of application in which the content of texts must be coordinated.

The project at a glance

Project titel:

  • NLP-Unterstützung for Audit


  • Software


  • 4 months (phase 1)

Unser Beitrag:

  • Consulting
  • Requirement analysis
  • Evaluation of possible solutions and technologies
  • Implementation of the selected solution approaches (VDPP and NLP services)
  • Testing, optimization and handover of the first version to the customer


  • NLP
  • Python