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Business Case: Data Management at Ikano Bank

Process optimization in the banking business

Ikano Bank AB is a Swedish bank, owned by the family of IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad. In Germany, Ikano Bank has been offering financial products for more than 20 years, cooperating with many international companies. As a long-standing partner, we support our contacts in many ways - in business analysis, data management or reporting.

Project requirements/tasks

We have been in close contact with the Swedish Ikano Bank for a long time. It regularly draws on our IT expertise in various aspects of day-to-day business - whether it's configuring the data budget, reports for sensitive business areas or business analyses. It goes without saying that we were also on hand when Ikano Bank was looking for the best way to feed credit card data into its data warehouse. And we know what we're talking about: from organically grown cooperation, we have developed a sound knowledge of the processes and specific interrelationships at Ikano Bank: a success story.

That is our contribution:

From operating the SAS platform for the data warehouse to process optimization in individual areas: We have already been at work at Ikano Bank in many different ways. Our analysis in the area of operations enabled us to improve transparency and simplify processes. With meticulousness, we systematized the internal documentation at data level. This helps in many areas, not least the important issue of compliance. As a data scientist, business analyst and even in marketing, Ikano Bank has a versatile partner in us who speaks at eye level - because our services are not focused on industry giants.

Ikano and Kybeidos - it just fits. We know each other well, we trust each other - and we know which departments want to be supplied with which information. As a link with expertise in business analysis, data integration and programming, Ikano relies on our fast, everyday support.

Ikano offers customers, not only from IKEA, special financing options and credit or payment cards. We help to make the different data about the products transparent.

The project at a glance


  • Banking

Project title:

  • Data management and process optimization


  • SAS Platform


  • Oracle

  • SQL

  • Linux Shell

Our contribution:

  • Consulting

  • Business analysis

  • Project analysis

  • Operation of the SAS-supported data warehouse

  • Data integration

  • Documentation