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Business Case: All-round view of Big Data issues

With us on the way to Industrie 4.0

Our customer is a large industrial group with massive data volumes. As this is getting bigger and bigger in times of Industry 4.0 and countless sensor data, we are working on a robust local server solution. In the center: an app for data transfer.

Project requirements/tasks

Our client's existing databases are filling up at a rapid pace. In addition, the storage requirements will continue to increase due to Industry 4.0 projects: Up to 1,000 sensors have to be read out in production - an immense data flow, which our customer wants to store in a local Oracle server structure. The transfer from various sources and a proper provision for data scientists - all this should be guaranteed in the end. The Big Data project is intended to be long-term and at the same time requires quick solutions in specific areas.

This is our contribution

With an application as a framework, we make it possible: Our customer can easily configure the data transfer to his Big Data Appliance. We continuously adapt this app to new requirements and thus optimize the storage of several terabytes of data from Excel, Oracle and Kafka. A schematization ensures that even Industry 4.0 processes can run lean and server-friendly in the future. And where the data is stored, data scientists and users can retrieve it as needed thanks to our preparation.

As a flexible problem solver, we offer our customers an all-round view of big data issues, as well as an eye for detail. Whenever questions arise in an ongoing project, we create answers and implement specific solutions - because we think long-term and act short-term.

The project at a glance

Project title:

  • Big Data


  • Manufacturing


  • since 2018

Our contribution:

  • Consulting
  • Analysis, conception and programming of a control app
  • Coordination of data transfers
  • Data preparation
  • Testing, optimization


  • Cloudera-Cluster
  • Spark
  • Scala
  • Hive
  • HBase